Better Roads, Not Bigger

Highways England Arundel Bypass consultation – 30th August to 24th October.

We do not support ANY of the six route options proposed by Highways England which are all highly damaging.

Their consultation questionnaire does not allow you to say ‘none of these’ if you prefer to see a less damaging improvement.

We recommend asking for the Arundel Alternative in the text boxes provided – which will be taken into account. The Arundel Alternative follows the line of a short length of their Cyan and Beige routes but with a far smaller footprint.

For information on the Arundel Alternative and guidance on how to best complete the questionnaire, go to

This website is provided by Arundel SCATE – a group of residents and businesses looking for more advanced and less destructive transport choices for the area. We oppose plans for an A27 dual carriageway here, and we support the Arundel Alternative Route, a short single carriageway road from the unfinished junction at Crossbush, linking with the Ford Road roundabout. In addition we want to see improved access through a mix of measures including smaller road improvements, walking and cycling infrastructure and better public transport.

Department for Transport plans for developing the  A27 as a dual carriageway across the Arun Valley at Arundel have been previously rejected as too environmentally damaging and not cost effective.

Following a consultation in 2017, Highways England chose the highly damaging dual carriageway option 5A as their preferred route and two judicial reviews were scheduled to challenge this decision, but before they took place, Highways England announced their intention to run another consultation.

That consultation has started, and there are now 6 options being presented. All 6 are damaging dual carriageway options. You can see the proposed options in the consultation brochure here.

Two of the HE options, Cyan and Beige, follow the correct alignment, but we are strongly opposed to a big 70 mph dual carriageway option of any kind. This will increase traffic and accelerate climate change as well as cause needless damage to the Arun Valley, affecting the water meadows, chalk streams and irreplaceable ancient woodland in the South Downs National Park.

There is a better way! The Arundel Alternative, developed by local residents, is an uninterrupted, 40mph
short section of wide single carriageway road linking Crossbush with the existing Ford Road roundabout.
It minimises damage to our countryside, improving safety while providing traffic flow and giving access to Arundel residents and businesses. It optimises road space to balance improved traffic flow with minimising ‘induced traffic’. Find out more about the Arundel Alternative here.

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