Highways England’s Process

Highways England (HE) consultation on A27 Arundel bypass runs to 24th of October.

The current options presented by HE can be found  here.

All of the options are highly damaging, 70 mph dual carriageways. We strongly opposed any dual carriageway option of any kind, as they will increase traffic and accelerate climate change as well as causing needless damage to the Arun Valley, the water meadows, chalk streams and irreplaceable ancient woodland in the South Downs National Park.

What we recommend

The format of the consultation survey is quite rigid, with no opportunity to reject the damaging HE proposals and propose a better improvement. It is also clear from the 2017 consultation that Highways England is likely to disregard emails, letters or comments that are not on the consultation form. We have had to make difficult decisions about what to recommend in this poor consultation.

We  recommend selecting either ‘Do nothing’ or the beige or cyan route, but importantly that you add a comment in box ‘B10’ (paper version) or  Question 13 (online version) stating that you support the beige/cyan route alignment only, NOT a 70mph dual carriageway or the Ford junction proposal. Instead  you want to see a 40mph wide single carriageway, as for the Arundel Alternative, instead.

The future?

This massive road-building is an outdated a legacy of the 70s, which will generate more traffic and carbon emissions,  pollute and harm our health, destroy our countryside and wildlife, undermine local business and damage our children’s future.  It is also a colossal waste of more than £250million.

Informed debate

We have not been informed over the years about real solutions to our transport needs. We need open debate addressing all transport modes. We understand that planning business and housing development around sustainable access and integrated transport is the only way to solve traffic congestion. It is also the most cost effective.

We could be looking at lower cost, better buses, local walking and cycling facilities, a path to Ford station and improved coastal rail services alongside a better quality, safer road at Arundel.

As David Metz, former Chief Scientist to the Department for Transort has said: ‘you can’t build your way out of congestion’.