We are told that only a small minority don’t want a big bypass, but when have we been asked? We are aware that hundreds of people in the area are unhappy about big bypass plans, but have not been given an opportunity to say so or to question authorities.

Sign up and join us.

Write to the authorities. You can tell them:

  • a big road is a waste of a lot of money, especially when we know it will not solve congestion issues.
  • it would be far better value to make smaller scale road improvements to improve flow and to invest in links to public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure;
  • more roads are not the future – business, leisure and younger people’s aspirations are changing
  • there has been very little informed debate and some views come from false assumptions
  • you don’t want to lose our views, countryside, wildlife and our favourite walks;
  • Tortington Common is ancient woodland, which is irreplaceable.

Talk to your neighbours.

Go to ArundelA27Forum.org.uk and comment on the smaller scale A27 proposals improvements there, along with accompanying sustainable transport measures and encourage others to comment too.